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Operation Round-Up®

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Application & Guidelines - For Agencies/Organizations

Application & Guidelines - For Individuals/Families

Application deadlines are each November 1 and May 1.

The Board of Trustees will review and approve funds shortly after each deadline.

Recipient's Page


What is Operation Round Up?

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program where participating members’ bills are rounded up, and the extra cents flow into a charitable fund to assist local causes. For example, a member whose electric bill is $127.46 will be rounded up to $128.00 and the extra 54¢ will be donated to the fund.
The average participating member will donate $6.00/year with a maximum donation of $11.88/year.

Who benefits from the collected funds?

The program is intended to benefit people and organizations within the Central Electric service area.
The money is granted based upon applications from worthy projects and organizations within our local service territory. The funding will be focused to the following categories in the sugguested annual percentages:
Community Service (20-40%)
Economic Development (10-30%)
Education and Youth (10-30%)
Environment (5-15%)
Emergency Energy Assistance (5-15%)
Disaster Relief (5-15%)

Who decides where the money goes?

A nine-member, volunteer Board of Trustees will review the applications and decide how to distribute the funds. Members of the Board of Trustees were selected by the director from the respective county.
Scott Kolousek Jerauld Chairman
Greg Kotas Hanson Vice Chairman
Connie Hattervig Miner


Carla Amick Sanborn Treasurer
Jill Ekstrum Brule  
Ellen Speck Buffalo  
Dave Jorgenson Davison  
Dale Peters Aurora  
Jim Headley Director-at-Large  


Does Central Electric or the Foundation Board make a profit from this program?

Neither Central Electric Cooperative nor Foundation Board members gain compensation from this program. Foundation Board members are paid mileage for the meetings, and Central Electric covers all other administrative expenses.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant from Operation Round Up?

Individuals and non-profit organizations within the Central Electric service area may apply.

How do I apply for an Operation Round Up grant?

Applications are available at the top of this web page or by contacting our office at 800-477-2892.

How are applications judged?

Applications are judged based upon 1) potential benefit to the residents and community; 2) level of community support for the project or organization; 3) capability of the applicant to deliver a quality service or program; and 4) final results that can be envisioned and evaluated.

Is there a timeline for applicants to use the funding?

Projects should be completed within 12 months following the application. Requests for funding for projects that have already been completed will be given less priority.

Will members be notified of where the money is distributed?

Yes; donations will be published in the Cooperative Connections newsletter or can be viewed on our Recipients Page.

What if I participate and have multiple accounts?

Only one account per member will be rounded up.

How do I sign up or opt out of the program?

Members were automatically enrolled at the initiation of the program in November 2015 if they chose not to opt out.
Anyone wishing not to participate may notify us by
1) Calling our office at 800-477-2892,

Where can I see how much I’ve donated?

On your monthly bill, you will see "Operation Round Up" and how many cents were rounded up, located directly below the KWH charges and tax. You can also log in to your SmartHub account for donation totals.


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